Genealogy: Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee’s Grandson Curate’s His Own Understanding of His Famous Family

 All of Us Have to “Curate” Our Lives and Critically Understand Our Inheritances as We are “Legacy Generations” that Follow In Bloodline and Heritage of So Many Large and Small Giants From Our Noble Black Dynamic History

 Untitled pictureEmpower mgazineEmpower Magazine(Knowledge, Vision, Power)  from Marion Wright Edelman’s organization Children’s Defense League reports…

mutasmall Life’s Essentials with Ruby Dee—a 90-minute documentary about Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis, two icons who stood on the principles of a strong family unit, positive artistic representations of “their people,” and undying social activism—is the story of their grandson Muta’ Ali, a filmmaker coming of age who fears he may dishonor the lives of his iconic grandparents with his contrasting take on their values.

Broken by the loss of his grandfather, Ossie, Ruby’s grandson moves from Atlanta to New York to capture every moment he can with his grandmother on film, only to witness her health fade as she’s rushed to the hospital after her last live performance on Mother’s Day of 2012. With Ruby’s health now in an unpredictable state, and Ossie’s spirit available to him only through old records, the grandson fights to learn from and preserve their values and wisdom while he can.

Ruby’s grandson talks with Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover, their former co-stars including Alan Alda and Sidney Poitier, and their peers including Sonia Sanchez, all of whom are very good friends with Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis.


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