1619 to 2014

four-hundred and five years tell the story of

of young black and white protests in 170 cities today.

Racism is really about race

and not about repetitive antagonist

posing as lions and tigers and bears


So tell the Arawak Native American

and the rest of Red People Nation

that each and every

white man



and justified

in their

aggressive indiscretions


how indictable

the choirs are



means justify our ends (?).


The spirit and letter of law

is balanced

and flexible

as long as the scenarios show up for hereditary principle

and the right zip codes.


History says, some American kids do read the Bill of Rights,

The Constitution,

The Federalist Paper No. #51

creedal ideas.

Some kids did jumped off their beds

and flew for seconds

as Superman and Spiderman

Some viewed annual tv documentaries

of hangings, fire hoses,

murders and King-sized dreams,

literary giants telling of dreams-deferred

and were

looking-up at personal and

scholar/practitioner practices of

sushi-sized contempt

like h’orderves in their own houses.

But our national history of the nation

also includes

There were

Abolitionists, Quakers,

a John Brown,

the 50’s-70’s civil rights movement




Atty. William Kunsler

Atty. Thurgood Marshall.

There were 1980’s kids on campus’s at Ivy league schools


divest from Apartheid in South Africa

and Mandela was made president in ‘88.


in 2014… the power of

Fannie Lou Hamer was evoked

and young people who write,

read and think

digitally say,

“enuf” and they be

“tired of being sick and tired”

and of listening to

the rhetoric and the disengenuine.

Tired of seeing fangs and contempt

that [they] can

only show

a mirror for.

Tired of the biblical stick in our social eye,

and the patriotic hymns

that don’t include the kids

of the folks

that fought every war.


America has joined the world

since 2008 in reform

and has joined

the world in practical democratic turmoil.


The power of silence…

The power to “die-in”,

The power to ‘shut it down”

in the third century

crossing the color-line a live

and well

in America ‘our beautiful’

makes dead



and King

also proud,

stopping rhetoric

about racism and

confronting the word

that needs to make

the dictionary

“disingenuine” a double-standard

a foster-child of the truth with trends

that threaten to wreck our souls

and global purpose.


Young organized marches

confronting obvious contempt

for everything black from president

to people. We brush our teeth

with it each morning on radio and tv.

We shoot at anomie and democratic game theories


at our ourselves

in teenage games and play.

Many kids will play outside with toys until

the find out it’s not a game

construct at all.

Were are our fathers?

The kids of

America More Beautiful

must have had them… to

show resistance in peaceful and powerful

thought-out demonstration.

They close

the arteries of cities

and show contempt for an ugliness

that has become macabre

smelling decay

as every atrocity is negate able,

fashionably legal

more ‘status quo’

Eclectically academic



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