Cleveland: Karamu House Presents “Joe Turner’s Come and Gone” By August Wilson

joe-turners-come-and-gone                                        Directed by  Terrence Spivey

                                           Preview Night:  22, 2015
Arena Theatre – Drama – Revival

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Set in a black boardinghouse in Pittsburgh in 1911, this drama by the author of THE PIANO LESSON, SEVEN GUITARS AND FENCES is an installment in the author’s series chronicling Black life in each decade of this century. Each denizen of the boardinghouse has a different relationship to a past of slavery as well as to the urban present. They include the proprietors, an eccentric clairvoyant with a penchant for old country voodoo, a young homeboy up from the South and a mysterious stranger who is searching for his wife.

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2355 East 89th Street, Cleveland, Ohio, United States, 44106
Copyright © 2014 Karamu House.

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