Harlem: Marlon A. Greer and David Finn Launch Focus Broadcasting Network FBN)!


Focus Logo

Marlon and David 3Photo (L/R) David Finn and Marlon A. Greer

Marlon A. Greer and David Finn have been on the entertainment scene since the early 90’s, primarily focusing on performing and promoting events as members of the underground Hip- Hop super group “D.N.A Disciples” under the tutelage of promotional genius Justo Faison . After touring the globe with the smash hits “Nowhere to Run”& “Agony of Defeat” and successful collaborations with the likes of Onyx, Lost Boyz, Jeff Redd, Cheryl Pepsi Riley, The Persuaders and the Wutang Clan. In June 2000, the team started Flip-Side Entertainment, a management/consultant company celebrated by a live on-air radio broadcast via WBLS hosted by Radio/Talk show on-air personality Wendy Williams. With years of assisting, consulting, and navigating the careers of many successful entertainment artists and athletes, and from working alongside some of the most influential figures in the entertainment/film industry, they’ve gained even more valuable experience, and the two were ready to reinvent themselves again.

David Greer Media incorporated, the world’s first one- stop intermediary company was created in September 2010 and launched as a place where Marlon and Dave could use their array of talents and skill sets to create a one stop company and serve as entertainment intermediaries in which clients could have an opportunity to satisfy all of their business needs in one location, under roof. Never resting on their loins and by adding production experience under their belts by producing theatrical pieces, writing movies and unscripted TV shows, Marlon and Dave saw the need for empowering and uplifting television programming and the emergence of Focused Broadcasting Network was formed.

Focus Broadcasting Network or (FBN) is a network that shows Video on Demand Content through Roku set top boxes to over the 6 million unique viewers and plans of establishing VOD contract agreements with various National Cable companies are already in the works. “This VOD Platform is paramount especially when discussing the millennials and how the busy working class individual likes to view their content” states Co-CEO Marlon Greer. The other half of the dynamic duo CO-CEO David Finn chimes in with “Families can watch our network together, emphasizing the importance of togetherness and uplifting shows that people can draw from.” These two renaissance men are truly excited about this project and the ability to enhance people’s quality of life through informative and inspirational content.


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