Cleveland, Ohio: Karamu House Features Play “The Mighty Scarabs” by Cornell Hubert Calhoun III

Friday, March 6 through Sunday,

March 29, 2015

written by Cornell Hubert Calhoun, III

directed by Christopher Johnston


The Mighty Scarabs! is the local story of a group of inner-city friends, former high school basketball champions from East Tech, for whom life once made a loan of royal treatment that lasted for years, but not forever.  

Twenty years have passed since Cleveland’s East Tech High School Basketball Team captured the State Championship, a source of pride for its community and followers. But did that one shining moment ultimately contribute to their demise?

                          Hail to the Mighty Scarabs! 



Ghost Light Production
by Mary Weems
directed by Ashley Aquilla Wheadon

April 2 to April 12, 2015

PURSES is a 3-character, one-act play about the trials and tribulations of African American women from different generations living in the same urban neighborhood. With a focus on the importance of the objects and secrets Black women carry in their purses, it explores the complexities of living in a man’s world including domestic violence, alcoholism, abortion, male/female relationships and what happens when women take time to come together for support.

$8 Advance | $10 Door | Members Free
Part lecture, part performance, part interactive experience, this special event features author/poet/playwright Dr. Mary E. Weems, who will use Scott’s groundbreaking sculpture, Lynched Tree (2011-2015), as a springboard to discuss issues of gender, race, class, and history.
This program will include a monologue from Weems’s play Purses (Karamu House, April 2015) along with an interactive writing exercise with audience members to draw new meaning from Scott’s work. The goal of this program is for guests to walk away recognizing how the visual and performance art of Scott and Weems challenge them to explore issues of race, gender and violence. Click here to visit the POINTS OF VIEW event page.

Karamu House is proud to collaborate with MOCA and Dr. Mary E. Weems. Those attending this interactive experience at MOCA will receive $10 off tickets to see PURSES at Karamu House in April.


Save the Date!!!
100th Anniversary Celebration!!!
Saturday Evening, June 13, 2015.

Sponsorship Opportunities Available!
Contact Sarah at 216-795-7070 ext. 222.

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