Support Phenomenal Theatre!!! The Clothesline Muse Production to Showcase at 2015 NBTF!


The Clothesline Muse was selected to perform Aug 7th & 8th in Winston-Salem, NC!

Before we were online there was the clothesline…..

The Clothesline Muse is a devised theatrical production originally conceived as dance by Dr. Kariamu Welsh and developed into an evening length multi discipline theatrical piece with collaborators Nnenna Freelon and Maya Freelon Asante. The intergenerational story is centered around Grandma Blu (played by Freelon), an elderly washerwoman, storyteller and owner of Blu’s by Hand Laundry and her 26 year old granddaughter Mary Mack (played by Tyanna West). Mary is an emerging screenwriter, feminist and afro-futurist, who sees little value in washerwoman culture and Grandma’s old fashioned stories. As Grandma Blu passes on, Mary must fulfill her promise to take care of her house filled to the brim with a lifetime of memories and laundry artifacts.  Mary’s decision to dispose of everything in sight prompts Grandma to share her clothesline stories one last time. Blu will not be moved until Mary understands and connects the values tied to her washing stories. She insists that Mary “holds up her end of the line.” But how can Mary honor her Grandmother’s past without compromising her own future? As Grandma Blu and Mary explore each other’s stories, they come to realize there is much more hanging on-line than the laundry.

Kariamu Welsh’s choreography transforms vernacular wash movements into poetic dance, celebrating the passion and beauty of women’s work. Jazz vocalist Nnenna Freelon composed the original music influenced by gospel, folk and blues traditions. Maya Freelon Asante’s vibrant tissue paper art acts as a kinetic sculpture representing strength, fragility and the stories that connect us to each other and the clothesline. Projections and still images provide a glimpse into the magical world created when we listen to one another.

On a special note, The Clothesline Muse collaborators are also family. Maya Freelon Asante is Kariamu Welsh’s daughter-in-law and Nnenna Freelon is her mother.

We need $15K Now (temporary shortfall) … and discussions… for continued Collaborative Titled Sponsors for planning a much needed “World Tour” to South Africa, Japan, Prague, China, Brazil! The world needs to see that we have preserved respect for sacrificing-oriented generations. This collaborative Mother/Daughter production tells part of multi-talented artist, Nnenna Freelon’s grandma’s dreams and decisively indicates that [we] Must Unfold Real Visions with the “guardian” Dreams for all of Us! Talk to Nnenna about Winston Salem and the global projects. Bring what you have to offer these equations…This will “pin our dreams to the sky” with the coalition that is ready to travel and use the arts as catalyst to sophisticated cultural and business development. Globalization is the traditional mind-mapping for the arts and the final frontier for entrepreneurs. It’s all about “One Love”!

Dear “Lovers of the Line” Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support and love over the last 3 years. We are delighted to share with you this exciting update!

We’ve launched an Indiegogo Campaign that we would love if you could contribute to and help us pin our dreams to the sky! We need to raise $15,000.00 by July 31st! This will help us do the following:

  • Bring our entire cast and crew to the NBTF in Winston Salem, NC. The cast and crew are based in Durham, NC, Philly and New York (over 15 people!)
  • Create exciting new costumes!
  • New projections, new music and dance
  • We need to pay for studio time, rehearsals and technical consultations
  • Hotel and travel alone has maxed out our bank account, so we really do need your help!
  • Every penny will go to making this the best Clothesline Muse performance yet
  • Consider donating in honor of your grandmother, or great-grandmother!


the clothesline bottomTheClotheslineMuse_CoverPhoto-3

Please read more and contact friends and conscious sponsors for NBTF and continued touring collaborations.


Please find more information on our website:
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Hello, I’ve added you to this email list because you expressed interest in learning more about The Clothesline Muse.Our mailing address is:

Nnenna Freelon

103 W main st #405

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