Prolific Playwright/Producer Susan Parks Accounts for President Donald’s First 100 Days and More!

Photo courtesy of Berkshire On Stage

According to an article by journalist Diep Tran in American Theatre magazine, Suzan-Lori Parks writes fast, and she writes a lot. Case in point: In 2002, she decided that she would write one play a day for a year. The finished product, 365 Days/365 Plays, was staged at a jaw-dropping 700-plus venues in 2006. This past winter and spring, Parks turned back to that familiar process to address a more immediate concern: the election of Donald Trump as president.

“I didn’t know what else to do,” Parks admitted recently. So she wrote one play, every day, for Trump’s first 100 days in office (give or take). The finished product, 100 Plays for the First Hundred Days, has no planned productions slated as yet, but it will be published by TCG Books next year (exclusive selected excerpts are published at the end of this story).

We spoke recently in the lobby of Signature Theatre in New York City, after a talkback for her plays Fucking A and In the Blood, then in repertory in two different venues at the theatre complex. She was initially hesitant to talk politics, even if they were the pretext for her 100 Plays. But having a conversation with Parks can be like driving down a country road, full of unpredictable twists and turns, and ending at a destination neither anticipated.

Photo courtesy of Tisch NYU

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  1. What in your mind makes her such a prolific writer?
  2.  Provide her fast facts on President Donald Trump
  3. What methods or creative techniques, habits of mind or patterns does she have or use?
  4. What does “woke” mean? To what extent do you think that you are “woke”?



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