Atlanta: A Play About the 1943 “6888 Battalion” American Patriots Wins — Best Play at Atlanta Black Theatre Festival!

“Six Triple Eight”                                   Best Play by                                   Mary McCallum – Kudos!!!


Play honors unsung WWII women Patriots who created a much needed system to organize and deliver back log of mail to our soldiers!

Except from…Alumni Round Up (cited below)

…During World War II African-American women from all over the United States joined the Army. “After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the whole country got involved,” remembered Gladys Shuster Carter, who joined up in Richmond, Virginia. Ragland, who was raised in Wilmington, Delaware, enlisted right out of high school at age 17. She decided to join after seeing a recruiting advertisement in the newspaper that offered African American women the chance to go overseas. Alyce Dixon joined the Army before the country joined the fight.

Already relegated to a separate unit because of their gender, the women were further segregated because of the color of their skin. But they were ready to work for their country, and their abilities were needed.

Arriving in Birmingham, England, the women discovered warehouses crammed from floor to ceiling with mail and packages. “The mail hadn’t moved in a year or two,” recalled Ragland. The women went to work, organizing a system of mail flow that would break the bottleneck.

Read Crossroads News’ Review of the Best Play!


More from Alumni Round Up…

More Research

U.S. Postal Museum

General Education… Backgrounder for American History and this context for being on the ground in World War ll from Khan Academy.Org

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