NYC: Celebrating The Renaissance Man Woodie King Jr.’s 80th Birthday


Peter A. Bailey writing for the Black World  (April 1975) a monthly periodical out of Chicago called, Woodie King Jr. “The Renaissance Man of Black Theatre”.

I call him now, the “Renaissance Man of the Post Modern Period in the Humanities” given that, America has blatantly returned to “square off” in the twentieth century with it seventeenth century racial values, laws, social issues, and its defiance against inclusion and diversifying the Constitution for its own projected fundamental pluralistic ideas. That means: [they] Trump base, southern and northern power elites still don’t like us leaving our “confederate fix” or enjoy women and other minorities suggesting they be given full citizenship, either.

Peter noted in ’75 that, Mr. King’s contributions (to name only a few) included:

  •  working in lower Manhattan with kids in a program called Mobilization For Youth
  •  Bringing Ron Milner, Charles Russell, Gil Moses and Ed Bullins to notoriety
  • producing and directing the film, “Right On” about the Last Poets Gylan Cain, Felipe Luciano and David Nelson (at the time)

We can conclude that Woody King Jr. has never missed a day doing our bidding in the arts, civil and human rights, and any integrated science of the humanities when it comes to publishing, presenting or promoting our voices, muse and aesthetics.

We are proud of his heart, courage, love, commitment and mindset.

He has written, produced, supported festivals and launched the work and the careers of many celebrities. There are really no words to capture his value as a “man of the people”.

Project-based Learning: Let’s begin to chronicle all of his work from then to this below… and get some students involved to curate and  do something… with what we understand about Woodie (?).


Please visit the New Federal Theatre’s website:

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