(Atlanta) September 3, 2019 — The world premiere of the play, “American Black Princess” by poet, playwright and author, Aduke Aremu has inspired a huge theatrical event. There will be an unparalleled “royal celebration” to honor Aremu, and other women in the arts and media, and a featured play at the Rialto Center in Atlanta.


The play is about the “life-journey” of Ms. Aremu. It is a full production with music, song, poetry and dance. It is a dramatic staged choreopoem covering her travels from NYC to, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and parts of South America. The featured event is the scope of her drive, humor and intelligence, It covers the poet’s heart-for living, loving, and working globally. You can experience her unique passion and determination as she reaches-out for 21st century African and American identity, love, norms, relationships, standards, cultural lens, a world-view, and personal success. The play is reminiscent of Langston Hughes’ “suitcase theatre” idea, and cosmopolitan travelogue ‘unpacked’ in his book, “I Wonder As I Wander”. Here, “American Black Princess,” typifies a crowning African-royal experience — told ‘straight-up’ by a very real American woman.

What has been discovered offstage in anticipation of this mega event is, that scores of influential local, regional, national and international men and women are not only involved in the project, but they are daily creating a new and evolved ‘community’ in the historic and internationally renowned city to converge on the Rialto Center on September 14, 2019.

“American Black Princess” will be directed by the award-winning Broadway choreographer, Patdro Harris with original music composed by the renowned artist, Chika Kaba Ma’Atunde. The “coronation of the playwright” and a full Atlanta stylized motion-picture regal court of other women in the arts and media will take to the purple carpet from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., and the evening’s feature event the world premiere of the choreopoem is from 8 to 10. The two-events-in-one is produced by led by: Aduke Aremu Productions, Inc., Janice Barnett, and Joe Phillips.

Chairing this part of the event are the following women and men influencers: #ChoreoPoemDivas include: GA State Senator Dr. Donzella James, Lisa Nicole Cloud, Yewande Austin, Dr. Mildred Summerville, Deidra Tate, Evangelist Sandi Collins, and Lillian Samuel. #MenWhoSupportTodaysWomeninclude: Paul Jenkins, Attorney Kendall Minter, Ricky Poppell, Bishop Kenneth Curry, Jerome Preston Bates, Garland Thompson, Jr., Michael Bryant
The Royal Gala Celebration features Darryl Peek, and Daryl Harris with celebrity musicians and artists: Darryl Peek leader of the “African American Philharmonic Orchestra” Atlanta, Daryl Harris an original “Harlem Children’s Theatre Company” member with many credits over the years, Jonathan Dumas an A-List Producer of “Lady Ga Ga,” “AVANT,” and “SoulJa Boy” fame, Jett Edwards Recording artist who worked with “Michael Jackson,” and the ” Japanese Mass Choir”.

Other Celebrities/Honorees Include: Rickey Poppel, who worked in management with the iconic “James Brown,” and the “The Temptations,” Kendall Minter, international entertainment lawyer, Dedra Tate an original member of Aduke’s “Harlem Children’s Theatre Company,” as well as professional relationships with “MoTown Records,”and “Queen Latifah”, Paul Jenkins the CEO and Founder of META STUDIOS in Atlanta; Entertainment Features at the Royal Gala includes: “Ebony Blue Experience” a group of retired Air Force veterans with Daryl Harris, Tommy Mason, Aaron Miles, Laron E. Washington, Charles Desausurer; Recording artist “Sir” Lane McCray, of “La Bouche” with over 12 million records sold worldwide, Song stylist Alfreda Gerald of the “Gap Band” and “Yanni” fame; ” The Executive Order Music Group” with: Dean Webb (bass), Laron E. Washington (keyboards), Gary Smith (drums), George McCullum (Saxophone), Kevin McNulty (Guitar), Jonathan Dumas (keyboardist), Calvin Kelly (percussion); Kenny Nightingale Gospel (saxophone); Kezia Alford (gospel singer); Janice Barnett (gospel singer); Naybu Fullman (vocal artist); Michael Meredith (vocal artist); Gospel Artists Eric and Dena Brice from Tyler Perry’s stage play stardom, and “Peabo Byson” fame; Jett Edwards Japanese Mass Choir director.

The late literary genius and theatre icon, Ntozake Shange created the “choreopoem genre” with her 1975 Broadway hit, “For Colored Girls Who Considered Suicide/When A Rainbow Was Enuf” that premiered in 1995 and it brings today’s evolved men and women together for positive recognition of women. Ntozake’s choreopoem included 20 poems that created monologues that “stopped the male-dominated world in its tracks”. It deeply inspired women of all kind and charged them increase-the-flow of public conversations about their reflective journey’s because of Ntozake’s creative accusations, improvisations and thought-provoking scandals. Ntozake’s work told: her truth about interpersonal relationships; her ideas about inside, outside and world politics; her pain regarding domestic violence; gender-driven realities about suicide, inter and intra racism, love, and much, much more.

Today poet-playwright Aduke Aremu, respectfully brings to us her, Shange-inspired production called, “American Black Princess”. “American Black Princess” is based on Aduke’s book of poetry called, “Reaching Out With Love” (c) 1982. “Reaching Out With Love” was first published when Aduke lived as a writer in Heidelberg, Germany. It was later staged as a play at the Billie Holiday Theatre in Brooklyn, NY by Alvin Ailey dancer and choreographer John Parks, with music by the late, Grenoldo Frazier in 1988.

“Reaching Out With Love” and “American Black Princess” is a different type of female journey than, “For Colored Girls…” and it must be witnessed! In this choreopoem the audience will get to see and to hear up close, that Aduke has a zest for love and for confronting life’s struggles. Poems that are woven into dialogue with a musical chorus have titles like “Babylon”, “I Am A Jeweled Princess”, “Poem For A Supreme Brother”, “Epitaph Of A Slave”, “Seclusion”. A few of the ideas and metaphors that are explored include: “A rose emerges from concrete…”, “ One cannot stand alone…”, “I long forgot how-to create a people-sense…”, “Being me is less easy than not…”, “My tears are solid, pragmatic and cold…”, “Ain’t I a Princess too”, “ Walking down yellow African road…”,”Life touched my mind…”, “Reaching out with love”, and “ I am a Jeweled Princess…”.

Ntozake’s work greatly influenced women to speak-out about their personal and collective journeys. The production, academic and societal discussions inspired 20th and 21st century women in grass roots/community projects, colleges, and art & humanities forums.
Atlanta Georgia has been considered the “Capitol of the South” for over 100 years. Today’s men and today’s women there are still making history with politics, movies, celebrities, lavish homes and now a new and trending “highly evolved” community of men and women coming together to celebrate women and a playwright with an artistic take on a contemporary global journey.

So! You need to get dressed. You need to come out. You need to experience what a “crowning event” looks and feels like in 2019. Because inescapably, men (#MenWhoSupportTodaysWomen), and women (ChorePoemDivas) will be there for the networking. They will also be there having a totally different kind of “regal fun in the movie-making-city of hot-lanta” on September 14, 2019. They have come from around the world, near and far ready for “G a l a and t h e a t r e”! Get your ticket while you still can, women will rave over it and men will love it!

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