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Atlanta Black Theatre Festival – 40 Plays in FOUR DAYZ !!! Oct. 9-12th

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Town Hall Symposium graphic Arts Movement:  Ruby Dee, Ossie Davis, Dr. Maya Angelou, Amiri Baraka…Looking at New Generations — Who Are Picking Up  the Torch?

Moderator:   Aduke  Aremu                                                                                     California:  Rickerby Hinds                                                                                              Atlanta: Eric J. Little                                                                                                             New York: Michael Dinwiddie                                                                                      Texas: Jeanette Hill                                                                                                            California: Taurean Blaque                                                                                               Living Legend & Iconic Perspective: Woodie King Jr.

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Atlanta: Youtube Video – Questions About Foundations of Black Theatre and Teaching Rubrics for Woodie King Jr.

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When we researched or evidenced information… on what Mr. Kings is suggesting as preparation for today’s students to study Black Theatre as part of their normal English Language Arts experience this is what is available for an exposure to  playwright August Wilson’s work on a national level. It  provided by extra-curricular programs like that of artistic director, Kenny Leon.

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August Wilson Monologue Competition

August Wilson’s Century Cycle is an achievement in American theatre. Each of the ten plays are set in a different decade of the twentieth century. At the core of each work are soaring, lyrical monologues that take the song, laughter, pain, and rich content of African American life and place it in the mouths of a great and varied ensemble of characters.

The National August Wilson Monologue Competition presented in collaboration between True Colors Theatre Company and Jujamcyn Theaters.

The competition is open to high school students from participating cities. The winners at the regional level will travel to the August Wilson Theatre on Broadway to participate in a weekend devoted to Wilson, exploring Broadway and New York City, and the final round of the competition.

Students will perform a two to three minute monologue from any of the plays in August Wilson’s Century Cycle. The panel of judges will be comprised of theatre professionals from their respective communities.

First, second and third place receive scholarships in the amount of $1500, $1000, $500, respectively. All finalists will receive a hardbound anthology of all ten of August Wilson’s plays.

National Scholarship Sponsor

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This is an initial introduction to the work of the National Black Touring Circuit

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The National Black Touring Circuit, Inc. was founded in 1974 by Woodie King Jr. The purpose of the organization is to make existing Black Theatre productions available to a larger audience by touring colleges, Black art centers, community organizations and resident professional theatres.

For further information on these and other Black Theatre productions produced by the National Black Touring Circuit, Inc. please write or call:  C/O NFT, 292 Henry Street, New York City 10002,  Tel: (212) 283-0974 or 353-1176  Fax (212) 353-1088, email:

Featuring legacy writers..

Lorraine Hansberry

Featuring opportunities for actors and directors to engage classics too!

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Dr. E.D. Hirsch who created the “Core Knowledge” movement  in education today which informs the new US Common Core Standards has outlined what he calls “cultural literacy” for the basic understanding of expectations of the English Language Arts it appears today in classrooms and on tests at the end of the year.

He calls it “cultural literacy” and has a book of the same name. His intention (as I understand it) is that: 1) we as Americans understand his current outlined curriculum and rubrics based on literature and information currently on the tests, 2) we bring and create more platform contributions of our “core knowledge” literature to help each ethnic community in our diverse children in our pluralistic society and in our collective “cultural literacy” to appreciate phonics, reading and writing; creative and technical compositions and mechanics in new and different idioms and according to other ethnic treasuries of literature, theatre and language arts contributions to the Humanities not yet present in classrooms and on testing assessments today.

Further illustration of treasuries we have “I Wonder As I Wonder” a book on the international travels of Langston Hughes…

And of course the lifetime contributions of Ossie Davis ad Ruby Dee to the Humanities

Ossie and Ruby

Who knows perhaps Denzel and Woodie will create a simpatico between theatre and filmmakers to encourage new live and digtal  media genres to introduce historic works like today’s exciting videos sizzle reels or something. Who know’s…