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Brooklyn Newspapers Cover Audelco “Rising Star” Awardee

brooklyn readerAbdel with AlicePhoto L/R Director Abdel Salaam, Colby Christina                                          Photo Above Credit: W. Calvin Anderson

According to The Brooklyn Reader.Comm …

Dancer, singer, actress, model and community advocate Colby Christina has performed center stage at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Museum of Natural History, the Jamaica Performing Arts Theater, the Waldorf Astoria and NYC Summer Stage, just to name a few.

She’s an honor student who volunteers often and has received numerous certificates of recognition for community advocacy work, two being from the state Assembly and state Senate, where she was named a “pillar” of the community.

And on Monday, November 17, Colby will join the ranks of Samuel L. Jackson, Kerry Washington and Sanaa Lathan in receiving the 2014 “Rising Star” AUDELCO Award.


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