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The Great Entertainers 4 You…: Donny Ray Evins Seasoned Performances of Nat King Cole… and Other Classic Vocal Stylists!


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Donny’s soulful singing style, engaging stage presence and warm deep voice embraces the  audience with heartfelt ballads and thrills them with sizzling upbeat Soul and R&B classics. Headliner               at Casinos, Night Clubs, Special Events, Television, and Corporate Events and five Star International Cruise Lines worldwide.


                   MR. COLE AND MR. SOUL

 This Dual Concert Is An International Corporate Event Favorite

                                                         PART ONE


Donny Ray opens this show featuring his world renowned tribute to Nat King Cole. With grace and charm he  evokes the spirit of one of the most beloved entertainers of our time. Crooning such favorites as “Mona Lisa,”          “For Sentimental Reasons,”  ” Route 66,”  “Straighten Up and Fly Right,”  “Too Young,”  ” L-O-V-E”  and                        “Unforgettable.”

                                                         PART TWO 


Now experience the real power of Donny Ray Evins.  He will astound you with this enthralling show. He is  masterful  as he moves and grooves to the music of  James Brown, Barry White, Wilson Picket and Ray Charles – to name a few.

Check out his repertoire!video/c181h

 Why Not Create Theatre to Remember    These Legends ?

Donny Ray Evins, an internationally celebrated two time ”Las Vegas Variety Entertainer of the Year”   mesmerizes audiences around the world. Donny’s unique tribute to Nat King Cole has received awards and rave reviews. His beautiful bass baritone voice, cool persona and uncanny resemblance to Mr. Cole, oozes the  very essence of the much loved crooner.


          The New York Times

Relax and reminisce as Donny Ray Evins recreates magic with the hits of Nat King Cole, including:  This Soulful Concert Is Riveting


     Audiences are blown away as international award winning entertainer Donny Ray Evins, performs  some of the worlds greatest Soul and R&B hits from artists, such as: Ray Charles,  James Brown,  Barry White,  Brook Benton,  Wilson Picket  and  B.B. King

“Donny Ray Evins is unchained in this explosive show. I felt that I had just seen one of the  true legends of Soul and R&B. Donny Evins is – Mr. Soul”

           Thomas Sorely – Lord Mayor, Brisbane, Australia

 “Donny has a fantastic voice, great appearance and smooth demeanor on stage. His Nat King Cole impression                                          is first rate, and his soul show blew the audience away” 

        Jacob Madison – Fortune 500 Gala Ball





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