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Atlanta Black Theatre Festival – 40 Plays in FOUR DAYZ !!! Oct. 9-12th

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Town Hall Symposium graphic Arts Movement:  Ruby Dee, Ossie Davis, Dr. Maya Angelou, Amiri Baraka…Looking at New Generations — Who Are Picking Up  the Torch?

Moderator:   Aduke  Aremu                                                                                     California:  Rickerby Hinds                                                                                              Atlanta: Eric J. Little                                                                                                             New York: Michael Dinwiddie                                                                                      Texas: Jeanette Hill                                                                                                            California: Taurean Blaque                                                                                               Living Legend & Iconic Perspective: Woodie King Jr.

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There’s A Rising Demand for Black Theatre…in the 21st Century You Know(?).

The Market Demand for Black Theatre is not like “Fast Food…” it’s the By-Any-Means-Necessary, No Quit-Pulse of Our Creative, Productive Human Story’s Heart and Corporate Adrenalin in a Dark Time…

It’s the Best of Times and The Worst of Times for an interconnected and interdependent global society that we fit into historically and strategically…

It’s also “The Greatest Moment to Be Alive” in the Entire History of the World!

Humm.. Sounds Like A Plot Huh?

Anyway…Tell friends, family, schools, libraries, books stores, venues, sponsors, legends, Facebook, Twitter, AJC, Amsterdam News, NY Times, Harlem Times, LA Times folks in your connections not to miss a moment of this week’s Atlanta Black Theatre Festival October 9th through 12th 2014 @ the luxurious, Dekalb County Sanford III Performaning Arts Center. It will truly be an extraordinary, American Theatre experience.

DC Black Theatre Festival bannerThe DC Black Theatre Festival is well positioned in our nation’s capitol.

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Porter sandfordThe  Atlanta Black Theatre Festival is formidable in our southern capitol. This week will be a theatre-arts intensive. It will be for your acting, music, dance, poetry and mind a smorgasbord with a traditional and non-traditional lexicon of experiences engaging this wonderfully amalgamated art form. Do business to further it’s reach. It’s all a great network to create entertainment structures for new economies teaching, entertaining, training, building and formatting designs for the heart, minds and bank accounts. Do…         g r e a t business!

banner logoIt’s no surpise to most of you that the up-and-coming week-long reunion of spirit at the National Black Theatre Festival in Winston-Salem in August will also welcome you to another wonderful Southern city for additional “family reunions,” aesthetic reflections and business opportunities. So! Connect the dots please — because God, artists and producers, cities, gifted forebearers and steadfast ancestors are At Work!

 Atlanta Black Theatre Festival Location @ the  Porter Sanford III Performing Arts Center  DeKalb County off of Hwy. 20 Towards    Augusta…

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