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NYC: 43RD Annual AUDELCO Awards Salutes Darlene Gidney with 2015 Board of Director’s Award


New PhotoDarlene Gidney

indexThe 43rd Annual AUDELCO: Vivian Robinson Audelco Recognition Awards for Excellence in Black Theatre was held on Monday, November 16, 2015 at the Peter Norton Symphony Space theatre located at 2537 Broadway in New York City. Grace Jones is the president of the AUDELCO organization which serves theatre arts and industry professionals like Broadway’s Tony Awards Administration Committee.

The AUDELCO gala event give well deserved encouragement and recognition to theatre patrons, producers, directors, dramaturges, actors, actresses, administrators, technical producers and celebrities was produced by A Curtis Farrow. Attendees included Cheryl Lee Ralph, Leon Pinkney who also received the 2015 Board of Director’s Award, Bernard Marsh, who received the 2015 AUDELCO Pioneer Award, Olivia Washington who was nominated for 2015 Supporting Actor, Sean C. Turner, 2015 AUDELCO Best Revival Award recipient, Katia Washington, Pauletta Washington, Ademola Olugebefola, Cliff Frasier, Bonnie Pointer, Rome Neal, Aduke Aremu and Colby Christina, the 2014 AUDELCO Rising Star recipient.

Ms. Gidney said, “I do this work in the humanities called ‘theatre arts’ because it feels natural to me. When I am engaged in a creative venture, my mind is flooded with fantastic thoughts that fit together like a puzzleIt all seems so surreal and so magical. I know that I am in the right place and at the right time — as I feel that this recognition is part of God’s purpose for me. I have been fortunate to work with many, many icons and gifted people who have offered communities and the world entertainment and human reflections that are priceless. I thank you all as I look forward to my new projects on the table for 2016. It’s all about giving back to humanity … as my mentor Garland Lee Thompson Sr. taught me… it’s ALL about the WORK!”

She also said, “I believe in God the Father, I believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins, I believe the Holy Spirit guides my footsteps… I thank the AUDELCO Board of Directors for believing in me by presenting me with this prestigious award.  I would also like to that, my mother, Hattie Glidewell and my two sons Yates Gidney and Edward Blair, IV, who could not be here with this evening for believing in me. I thank my sister Lisa Shelly, Joey Glidewell, Carol Denson, Sean C. Turner, Grace Jones, Voza Rivers,  Woodie King, Jr., family and friends for believing in me Most importantly, I thank two individuals who believed in me who are no longer here… my father, Joseph Glidewell, Sr. who during his illness continued to ask me when my next production was going to be because he wanted to invest and the final thanks of course goes to the late Garland Lee Thompson, Sr. who believed in me by taking me under his wing and mentoring me.”

The CEO of Be Rich Entertainment, LLC says that for 2016-2017 she will have partnering with the fabulous CEO of Dove, LLC, Aduke Aremu on four (4) major national and international projects: 1) “The Liberation of Mother Goose” TV series, 2) “Five to Nine: A Quest for Survival” a television story, 3) “Broadway in Bermuda” theatre project this summer in Bermuda, 4) “Babylon the Musical” a five city tour with entertainment partners and Kendall Minter, Esq.

We all might do well to feel engaged with our life’s purpose because it is “All about the Work” at the end of our days.

Be Rich Entertainment, LLC. is always reviewing scripts, new projects, collaborations and titled sponsorship opportunities. She can be reached via email at berichentertainment@yahoo.com.

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Memorial and Celebration of Life for The Late Garland Lee Jr. in Feb. 14th & August 6, 2015


StJamesPresExt                             Harlem – St. James Presbyterian Church 

NYC celebration of Life11:00 AM  –  St. James Presbyterian Church 409 W. 141st Street and St. Nicholas   Avenue       New York City, New York

Organized by Garland Thompson Jr. and Lawrence Evans                       More information :    http://www.nycago.org/Organs/NYC/html/StJamesPres.html

banner logoThe Celebration of Life Reception

                            Garland Thompson Sr.

           The National Black Theatre Festival

                              Winston Salem, NC

                Sawtooth Gallery and Arts Complex…

              August 6, 2015…from 3 to 6pm..

Sponsored by A Celebration of Life Committee of 45 including friends, writers and the co-chairs : Richard Wesley..Aduke Aremu..Michael Dinwiddie. John Foster..Sabura Rashid..Sylvia Hamlin. ..Harold Thomas and Ademola Olugebefola.  Please Attend the reflections on the life of Garland Lee Thompson Sr. the true gatekeeper for playwrights, directors, dramaturgs and producers for more than 30 years.

“As it was since the first day…” Holy Man  —  Join our noble Ancestors!